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The Daze Portraits

The Daze Portraits


Client Name Two

This collection is the newest facet of David Devolution's ongoing daily art meditation. The practice of daily works started for Devolution in 2008 with The Times Newsaic and has continued throughout the years in various forms both Physical and Digital - Artistic and Poetic - Philosophic and Experiential. These meditations have always been rule based and therefore procedural and generative in nature. The Daze Portraits as the latest incarnation uses the Merriam Webster Word of the Day as the Title of the Daily Portrait as well as Prompt and Jumping off point for the conversations with the AI. By turning the iterations into GIFs encapsulating 16 stills Devolution is paying homage to the AI in Hexadecimal base 16 code. Through this he is turning each work into a hexadecimal pictograph as a vocabulary with the machine. These works are released daily for the time being as 1/1 NFTs. It should be noted that Devolution does not consider the works as finished. A truly finished Daze Portrait must be purchased as the original NFT - then the purchaser must send to Devolution 16 Stills of themselves. These stills are then reworked and overlaid with the original AI. Then the resulting image is minted to the BlockChain and sent back to the purchaser. Only then is the work considered complete.

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