P O P  is for the spell of popular culture to which the world has succumbed. In utilizing pop culture phenomenon popboompow seeks to remind ourselves that we as consumers are responsible for our icons, and only through conscious consumerism can we actually control what is worthy of such status.

B O O M  is for the detonation of creativity that happens when widely varied and diverse minds come together. It is an explosion of thought emanating outward from the question - 'why?' - It is a shockwave aimed at the status quo.

P O W  is for power and is a call to action for all consumers to take their power back. A serenade to all to only buy what they believe in. We must know where our money is going - only through this can we ensure we are not buying our own oppression, or worse, the oppression of others.


The Pink Editions are a Generative Work by David Devolution using Artifical Intelligence - Allegory - Algorithms - and Absurdity. Through the work Devolution explores the homogenization of pop cutlure and the cross over to fine art where modern day takes on ideas are copies of copies of copies of copies. Through the Pink Editions Devolution doesnt enter into a conversation with technology and our media illness so much as he stands at the intersection yelling at the top of his lungs. The Pink Editions are available strictly as NFT's.


Introducing the Non Fungible Viruses -

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